Friday, May 31, 2013

Android Developer Days is reloaded for 2013

Last chance to participate one of the largest developer event in Europe

Well-known names of Android Community will give speech about on various topics of Android on ADD 2013.  

Sponsors: Turkcell, Qualcomm, Blackberry, Paypal, Alcatel, İş Bank, Pozitron,  STM,  Netmera, Texas Instruments,, Webrazzi, Tivilog,, BThaber, Radio METU,, Pusula Publishing, Koza Publishing, Seçkin Publishing,, PeakGames, METU Technopolis, Jetbrains

Android Developer Days(ADD) will take   place on June 14/15, 2013 in METU Cultural and Convention Center, Ankara, Turkey. ADD 2013 is targeted to be the one of the biggest international tech related community organization in EMEA.  Event that a total of 60 speakers, 20 speakers coming from abroad. 1500 participants are expected for event.

ADD is a technology conference which include seminars and competitions on the mobile world and Android technology. Well-known names of Android community such as, Lars Vogel, Eric Lafortune, Bernd Schulze, Mark Allison, will  give speeches on ADD. And here is the Android Developer Days schedule.  ADD is free of charge. Just register to the event.

ADD also host two sub events. Firstly, Ecahack Hackathon will be organized in the Android Developer Days.  Ecahack will start on 06/14/2013 at 13:30, and it will end on 15/06/2013 at 13:30 in METU CCC. Android developers will run 24 hours a day writing code. Turkcell will give various gifts to the winners of the competition.

Secondly, Innov-a-thon’Lite Turkey will be 3 hour idea marathon event.  Dubai based seed accelerator TURN8 will be on ADD for supports innovative ideas by seeding investment funding and business management. TURN8 ( is a seed accelerator program, a DP World initiative, powered by the i360Accelerator.

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